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Discovery Flight – Your Aviation Journey Starts Here!

If you’ve never flown in a small airplane before, we recommend scheduling a Discovery Flight. This introductory lesson is a real flight lesson and will give you the opportunity to actually fly the airplane and decide whether you want to continue training. The flight can be logged as your first flight in your logbook, which we will provide, if you bring proof of US citizenship (birth certificate or US Passport). The flight will take about two hours during which you will be introduced to our Redbird Simulator and go for an hour long flight with a flight instructor.

We offer multiple options for the discovery flight depending on the aircraft and the location:

Bring along one passenger at no additional cost if you’d like to fly in the DA40. To ensure the best possible experience, we operate Discovery Flights in only the best weather conditions. Contact us to schedule your Discovery Flight today!

Becoming a Pilot

Being a pilot is a rewarding and adventurous achievement! Whether your dream is to be a commercial airline pilot, or to be able to fly yourself and your friends and family on fun trips, CRAFT Flight Training can help you accomplish all of your aviation dreams. Fill the pilot shortage. Take your friends and family on a day trip for brunch, or a 3-day weekend to the Florida Keys. Develop skills that will last a lifetime. The skills you learn are applicable to almost any career choice.

When you’re ready to begin your Private Pilot training, contact us to schedule your initial appointment and start the process to become a new Student Pilot. During this meeting we can answer all the big questions like “How Much Will It Cost?”, “How Long Will it Take?”,  “What Kinds of Jobs Are Available?”, and more importantly, why you should do your training at CRAFT. We will go over what to expect from our Private Pilot program including our Private Pilot Syllabus,  and how best to approach your flight training to save time and money. 

To find out more about what it takes to get your Private Pilot certificate, check out our Private Pilot Course page and our FAQs

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Financing & Scholarship Options

Worried about how you are going to pay for flight training? Luckily there are several financing and scholarship options. Financing all or some of the training can take the burden off of the student, giving them peace of mind and the motivation they need to complete their training!

Gift Certificates Available

Know someone that has always wanted to fly, but hasn’t been able to get started? Gift certificates are a great way to help friends and family jump start achieving their aviation goals! They can be used for flight training, instruction, simulator time, books and headsets. Contact us above to find out more!

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