The CRAFT Fleet

CRAFT manages a well-maintained fleet of modern Diamond and Cessna aircraft. CRAFT is committed to providing our customers the most modern, safest, and cost-effective training aircraft, primarily with Diamond Aircraft. Diamond planes represent the very leading edge of flight training aircraft technology. To find out more about why we chose the Diamond platform, check out this page. If you haven’t experienced a Diamond yet, CONTACT US to set up an appointment.

Flying Solo?

All members who fly solo or PIC are required to sign the CRAFT General Rental Agreement and to obtain and show proof of coverage for non-owners rental insurance with full coverage of $1,000.  For student pilots, this coverage is not required until their first solo. We recommend AVEMCO.

All aircraft rental rates listed are wet. We offer discounts on Block Time for aircraft rental and Military Discounts.

Don’t see what you are looking for?  Check out our Available Aircraft page for more details. Interested in offsetting the cost of plane ownership by leasing a plane to CRAFT? We are currently looking to add another Cessna 172, a Diamond DA20, and a Diamond DA42. Find out more about leaseback opportunities here.

2015 Diamond DA42-VI N42MV

The 2015 Diamond DA42-VI has 2 Austro AE 300 Jet-A powered diesel engines with 168 HP and EECU Single Lever Control System. The interior of the aircraft features comfortable ergonomic leather reclining seats, sun glare shields and canopy lining to keep you cooler on the warm days. The avionics are similar to CRAFT’s Diamond DA40’s with Garmin G1000 glass panel cockpit, Synthetic Vision Technology and Garmin GFC 700 autopilot. N42MV is not available for hourly rental and is used for all of our multi-engine courses including: Multi-Engine Add-On Rating, Multi-Engine Instructor (MEI), Commercial Multi-Engine Initial and the Airline Transport Pilot (ATP) Checkride Prep Course. Checkout the Multi-Engine Courses page for more information.

    Cruise174 kts
    Useful Load1211 lbs
    Usable Fuel76 gals

    2017 Diamond DA40 NG N913DA – $230

    This Jet-A burning, DA40 NG, has air conditioning! Equipped with Garmin G1000 NXi, Synthetic Vision, ADSB in/out, GFC700 Auto Pilot, Electric Rudder Pedals, and more! N913DA is available in Flight Circle at $230/hr with block time and military rates available.

      Cruise154 kts
      Useful Load784 lbs
      Usable Fuel39 gals

      2007 Diamond DA40 XLS N873MA – $200

      2008 Diamond DA40 XLS N218DC – $200

      The DA40 is a superb training and cross-country aircraft, offering a great balance of excellent performance and gentle handling, superb visibility, and comfort. With the Garmin G1000 glass cockpit and digital autopilot, our DA40 meets all FAA Technically Advanced Aircraft (TAA) requirements for the Commercial rating and is the premier platform for IFR training, cross-country time building, or taking your family for a $100 burger in style and comfort. 

      • Garmin G1000 w/WAAS & Synthetic Vision Technology (SVT)
      • Garmin GFC 700 Autopilot
      • GTX 345R ADS-B In/out with Traffic and Weather

      Cruise145 kts
      Useful Load

      831 lbs (N873MA)

      842 lbs (N281DC)

      Usable Fuel50 gals

      2013 Diamond DA40 XLT N338ds – $210

      In addition to having all the same avionics and features as the XLS Diamond DA40’s above, the XLT trim level model features several improvements including: increased head room, wider seats, better lumbar support, integrated sun visors, and a larger 2-blade Hartzell propeller.  Overall, the fit and finish of the XLT is superior over our other previous DA40 XLS, and makes for a superior flight experience! N388DS is currently available in Flight Circle at $210/hr with block time and military rates available.

        Cruise145 kts
        Useful Load800 lbs
        Usable Fuel50 gals

        2001 Diamond DA20-C1 N203BL – $165

        2005 Diamond DA20-C1 N342DC – $165

        This two-seat, VFR-only aircraft is the perfect training platform for new pilots. Its combination of superior performance and easy handling has made it the mainstay of the US Air Force’s initial flight training program for over ten years. Sporty and stable, the DA20 is spin-certified, perfect for CFI candidates.  Our competitive rate is also great for cross-country flights and time building for the Commercial rating. 

        N203BL is equipped with Garmin G500, Garmin GTN 650 GPS/NAV/COM, GTX 345 ADS-B In/Out with Traffic and Weather.

        N342DC is equipped with Garmin GNS 430, Garmin GMA 340, Garmin SL40, Stratus Appareo ADS-B in/out.

        NOTE: The DA20 is not certified for IMC operations.




        122 kts

        Useful Load

        567 lbs (N203BL)

        Usable Fuel

        25 gals

        1995 Cessna 172R N23798 – $155 (AT CHS)

        The venerable Cessna 172 has been the workhorse for flight training for over half a century.  With recently upgraded avionics, this aircraft offers the perfect introduction to flight training at a cost-effective rate.  

        Recently Upgraded Avionics Suite!
        • GTN 650 GPS with TIS AND ADSB WEATHER
        • GNS 430 WAAS
        • GTX 345 ADSB IN/OUT – Bluetooth links to IPAD
        • DUAL GARMIN G-5’S
        • IFR Capable




        125 kts

        Useful Load

        765 lbs

        Usable Fuel

        53 gal

        1972 Cessna 172M N19795 – $150 (AT DYB)

        Recently Upgraded Avionics Suite!

        • GNS 355 GPS w/ NAV radio
        • GNC 255 NAV/COM radio
        • GTX 345 Transponder with ADS-IN and OUT
        • Stream ADS-B traffic and weather to tablets via Bluetooth
        • IFR Capable




        115 kts

        Useful Load

        894 lbs

        Usable Fuel

        40 gal


        1979 Cessna 172N N5284D – $145 (at DYB)

        Cruise115 kts
        Useful Load881 lbs
        Usable Fuel40 gal

        1975 Cessna 172M N9395H – $145 (at CHS)

        Cruise115 kts
        Useful Load934.5 lbs
        Usable Fuel40 gal

        Redbird FMX Full Motion Simulator – $70

        Save money and train in our full-motion, feature-rich, FAA-approved Redbird Advanced Aviation Training Device (AATD)!  Achieve the aeronautical experience required for private, instrument, and  commercial ratings in a controlled, comfortable environment. Maintain your IFR currency under the revised FAR Part 61 rules which allows using this AATD to complete IFR currency requirements without an instructor.  

        Perfect your cockpit procedures and flows at half the price of renting an aircraft!

        CRAFT has the following configurations available for Redbird Simulator training:
        • C172 analog gauges (w/ GNS 430 & GNS 530 navigators)
        • C172 G1000 flight deck
        • DA40 G1000 flight deck
        • SR22 G1000 flight deck
        • PA-34 (multi-engine) analog gauge (w/ GNS 430 & GNS 530 navigators)

        Redbird TD2 BATD Simulator (AT DYB) – $25

        This steam gauge configured TD2 with rudder pedals is an FAA Approved Basic Aviation Training Device (BATD) Simulator which means you can log 2.5 hours towards your Private Pilot license and 10 hours towards your Instrument Rating. You can also log instrument proficiency training without an instructor. 

          We are thrilled to be in partnership with Lifestyle Aviation.

          What does that mean for you?

          You’ve got the ratings, now use them to enhance your lifestyle! Aircraft ownership is the natural next step for pilots wanting to fly regularly, but finding the right plane to suit your needs can be difficult.  CRAFT can help!

          CRAFT is growing! Through our partnership with Lifestyle Aviation, we are looking to our customer base to help us fill out our fleet. We are in need of more Cessna 172s,  Diamond DA20s, Diamond DA40s and a Diamond DA42.

          Most people think owning a plane is not a possibility due to the cost, but if you are currently in flight training, or you are a pilot, the most expensive aspect of flying is renting a plane. Through leaseback, you can own a plane, use it for personal use, and have CRAFT pay you to use it. Or maybe you already have a plane that is not being fully utilized, leaseback is a way to make plane ownership affordable, including huge tax benefits. Lifestyle Aviation has creative ways to make plane ownership affordable. From individual owner, leaseback, and partnership to DiamondShare. 

          To learn how Leaseback works, and discover how the tax advantages might help you, contact us now and a specialist will review your situation to see if there is a good fit for you.

          Checkout our Available Aircraft page for more details.


          Jay Aldea, Co-Owner of CRAFT and John Armstrong, President of LIfeStyle Aviation

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