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Nailed the checkride with confidence. My fear of flying in rain ended that day and my confidence in ATC went up considerably. I didn’t read up on the KCHS before going, didn’t realize it was a C130 base. All my fears of flying with big airplanes in class C were wiped away after a few days of my tiny, tiny, tiny airplane in the pattern with giant military aircraft.  It was well worth it and I recommend the experience. The intensity level keeps you focused. All in, including the DA-40 rental, was around $7500 plus hotel for 9 nights. If you do the math, you’ll spend near that just tooling around with CFIIs in the local 172. If you spread it out, like most do, you’ll spend considerably more due to forgetting everything in between sessions. I knocked it out in basically a week and a wakeup and came home confident with the ticket.” – Bill K. Accelerated IFR


“Showed up at CRAFT behind on training from another school. I was on a strict timeline to knock out my PPL for a job prospect and with their training/guidance, was able to progress and knock out that license.  Overall, awesome crew here at CRAFT. If you’re properly motivated and ready to commit to your training, they’ll make sure to set you up for success.” – Christ B. PPL


“With the help of Barry, I passed my instrument rating in 7 days. I fully recommend the accelerated IFR course!” – Brent S. IFR


“I contacted three flying schools in the area and was fortunate to speak with John V. about the flying process at CRAFT. Not only is he an experienced military and commercial pilot with over 35,000 flying hours, he made me feel welcome and, for that, I will be starting at CRAFT with John!” – Terry S. IFR


“You will be tired and stressed at the end of the week. I studied the Oral exam guide basically anytime I wasn’t flying. The oral portion of the check ride was very straight forward. I was well prepared for the flying portion and passed the check ride.  The experience with CRAFT and Barry was awesome and I would definitely recommend them.” – Greg A. IFR

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