You’re a Visual Flight Rules (VFR) only pilot and have had to cancel numerous flights due to pesky cloud ceilings. Having the VFR rating is great when the weather cooperates, but now your ability to support your lifestyle is impacted every time a cloud layer appears. What’s the solution?

Getting your IFR ticket is the next logical step for a Private Pilot, and also incredibly valuable.  An IFR pilot flies to higher standards and your Instrument Rating may be the difference between flying, and waiting on the ground for the weather to improve. At CRAFT, you can log 50% of your required training time (20 hours) in our Redbird simulator, and the simulator is quality training. In the airplane, you will find yourself training “under the hood” and the actual number of approaches you can fly will be limited by availability and ATC workload, not to mention the time it will take you to start up, taxi out, and transition to your approach target, and by time, we mean money.

With the Redbird simulator, you can instantly be transported to the airport you want to practice at – ATC won’t be too busy, or vector you around the sky to fit you in with other traffic. Your instructor can move you back to the same location over and over until you have mastered that particular part of the approach, and it’s all in virtual instrument meteorological conditions (IMC) – no peeking! Our simulator will force you to develop good scanning techniques, and at a third of the cost of a rental airplane.

In fact, the FAA has approved the simulator for use in an Instrument Proficiency Check (IPC), with the exception of the circling approach and the actual landing. 

See what Rod Machado has to say about the simulator and IFR Training.


FAA Part 61 Training
Minimum of 40 hours for Instrument Rating and 50 hours of Cross-Country PIC

Accelerated Instrument Flight Rules (IFR) Course


CRAFT’s Accelerated IFR Course is perfect for the pilot with limited time. This week-long rigorous, finish-up, course is designed to get your IFR ticket quickly while allowing you to absorb and master all the necessary information to make you a confident IFR pilot. You’ll have an experienced CFI-I dedicated exclusively to you. Your instructor will provide structured, one-on-one training with a focus on results. Train in the simulator in the mornings and in the aircraft in the afternoons.  

Our IFR course utilizes the Redbird Advanced Aviation Training Device (AATD) and the Diamond DA40 or DA40NG aircraft (or bring your own aircraft!). Both have a Garmin G1000 panel representing modern avionics. The DA40 is a state-of-the-art aircraft, perfect for your IFR journey. The G1000’s easy-to-read glass panel provides outstanding situational awareness in IFR conditions. The GFC 700 digital autopilot makes flying this aircraft a dream on long cross-country flights.

The G1000 suite also features Synthetic Vision Technology (SVT), providing a virtual display of unseen hazards in IFR conditions, and was recently upgraded with the Garmin GTX 345 ADS-B system, making it fully compliant with the FAA’s ADS-B 2020 mandate. The GTX 345 interfaces with the G1000 system to graphically display traffic and weather via ADS-B, and has the ability to wirelessly connect with your tablet to display similar information on select Electronic Flight Bag (EFB) applications.

If you choose to use our aircraft, you will be trained to pass your check ride in the DA40. We begin by familiarizing you with the G1000 system. You will become proficient with the G1000 by using the system in our simulator and aircraft. This will ensure you are well prepared for your check ride. We can also conduct additional training after your check ride in order to make sure you can fly non-G1000 equipped aircraft.


Required Training

can be accomplished in our Redbird simulators!

  • $6,250 if you bring your own airplane
  • $9,650 if you use our Diamond DA40
  • $9,950 if you use our state of the art Diamond DA40NG

CONTACT US for further information and any additional questions you may have.

  • Up to seven days of training (WX dependent)
  • CFII dedicated exclusively to you
  • Redbird Simulator instruction – up to 20 hours
  • Flight instruction up to 35 hours
  • Aircraft Rental in the Diamond DA40 or DA40NG – 15 hours
  • Aircraft Rental for Checkride – 2 hours
  • Training materials:
    • Instrument Flying Handbook (FAA-H-8083-15B)
    • Instrument Procedures Handbook (FAA-H-8083-16B)
    • Instrument Pilot Oral Exam Guide (ASA-OEG-19)
    • Instrument Rating ‒ Airplane ACS (FAA-S-ACS-8B)
    • Garmin G1000 PFD Pilot’s Guide for Diamond DA40
  • Successfully passed FAA Instrument Knowledge test (bring printed Airman Knowledge Test Report)
  • 40 hours PIC cross-country time
  • 10 hours of Instrument Time
  • Current Flight Review
  • Current FAA Medical Certificate
  • Either a valid U.S. Passport, a U.S. birth certificate, or TSA approval (for non-U.S. students)
  • Examiner’s fees – approximately $650 (may vary by Examiner) 
  • This is a fast paced course.  We cannot emphasize enough that you must come prepared.  If remedial training is needed, standard school rates for aircraft rentals and instructors will apply. 
  • If the accelerated course is not an option for you, contact CRAFT for other IFR training options.

Financing & Scholarship Options

Worried about how you are going to pay for flight training? Luckily there are several financing and scholarship options. Financing all or some of the training can take the burden off of the student, giving them peace of mind and the motivation they need to complete their training!

Gift Certificates Available

Know someone that has always wanted to fly, but hasn’t been able to get started? Gift certificates are a great way to help friends and family jump start achieving their aviation goals! They can be used for flight training, instruction, simulator time, books and headsets. Contact us above to find out more!


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