Private Pilot Training

New student pilots often get overwhelmed when starting flight training. Trying to ingest massive amounts of new information/terminology and trying to fly an airplane at the same time- is often just too much! It is no wonder that the national average for acquiring a Private Pilot License (PPL) is 65-80 hours. With that being said, every hour of airplane instruction represents a large and costly investment. This is where CRAFT becomes a valuable member of a student pilot’s aviation journey.

Imagine a student’s first lessons being in a full-motion simulator, instead of an aircraft. The simulator can safely and efficiently repeat tasks and maneuvers over and over again until they become routine; at half the cost of instruction in an aircraft.  A student’s savings in time and money are tremendous when you consider that one hour of simulator time can be worth three hours of aircraft time.

At CRAFT, a student pilot can learn a variety of maneuvers in the simulator before having to perform them in an aircraft. These maneuvers include takeoffs, landings, slow flight, steep turns, stalls, s-turns across a road, short and soft-field, in all kinds of winds and weather conditions.

CRAFT students learn in the simulator, practice in the plane, acquire a Private Pilot’s License in less time, and emerge as better pilots!

FMX Redbird Pitch Yaw Roll

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Private Pilot Ground School

Obtaining a Private Pilot license requires passing both a written knowledge test and a practical exam, also known as the checkride. Our flight training is augmented by the Cessna Pilot Training Kit, providing students online ground training required to pass the FAA Knowledge test, as well as a proven flight training syllabus designed to ensure students are well-prepared for the FAA Practical test. These courses have been successfully used by thousands of general aviation pilots, and provides comprehensive yet flexible training to meet your schedule.

If studying online is not your preferred method for learning, we also offer an in-person ground school with our Advanced Ground Instructor.  The ground school course consists of 20 hours, split into 10 sessions, and can be completed in 5 – 10 weeks. The course is offered one-on-one, or in a group for a decreased price. Contact Us to find out more!

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