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Training Overview

CRAFT offers an online and interactive OR in-person Private Pilot Ground School Course with our Advanced Ground Instructor, Kem Fronabarger, to help students prepare for the FAA Airman Knowledge Test.

Upon completion of the course and a passing score of 80% on the practice test, the instructor will give you the required log book endorsement to take the FAA Private Pilot knowledge exam.

This ground training will also be logged in your log book to meet the requirements for the Private Pilot checkride.


Obtaining a Private Pilot CERTIFICATE requires passing both a written knowledge test and a practical exam, also known as the checkride.


Topics Covered

per FAR 61.105, Aeronautical Knowledge requirements



Airplane Systems



Weather and Weather Services




Weight, Balance and Performance

Private Pilot In-Person Ground Course


The CRAFT Complete Private Pilot In-Person Ground School kit is $99 and includes: 

  • CRAFT Pilot Briefcase
  • ASA Complete Private Pilot book
  • ASA Private Pilot Test Prep book (includes code for taking 3-4 practice tests online)
  • Fiberboard E6-B flight computer**
  • Ultimate Rotating Plotter
  • Current Charlotte Sectional

**We recommend you purchase the CX-3 digital flight computer for your written test which runs about $100. The fiberboard “wiz-wheel” as they call is cheaper but prone to error. We can order this for you.


While FAR 61.105 does not set a minimum number of hours required for Private Pilot ground training, attendance is critical to ensuring that the student learns the necessary knowledge to pass the test. We expect this course to be taken seriously and everyone to do well, however we understand that life happens. If you must miss a class session, please let the instructor know ahead of time and we can reschedule a make-up lesson to cover the material that was discussed.


In order to pass the test, the student should expect to study for 3-4 hours for each session of the course.


  • 1-2 hours in the Redbird simulator with the instructor to reinforce the principles. Redbird is $70/hour plus instructor $55/hour.
  • CX-3 digital flight computer

Options for ground school in preparation for passing the written test

In-person with THE Instructor

The in-person course consists of 20 total hours of ground school spread over ten 2-hour sessions. You can set your schedule with the instructor. Join with a friend and save $200! See the homework and study requirements above. The cost for the in-person course is $999. Price includes the books and materials above. 

Advanced Ground Instructor (AGI) via Zoom


The online course consists of 20 total hours of ground school spread over ten 2-hour sessions or twenty 1-hour sessions. Students can set the schedule with the AGI directly. See the homework and study requirements below. The cost for the online course is $900. Price includes the books and materials above.

Course is always available.



ASA Prepware Online


This is the most affordable option but requires self-study and due diligence by the student. For $149, the student purchases an access code for the online course and completes the ground school modules on their own.  Once they have completed the online course, and passed 3 practice exams, they can receive the endorsement to take the written test from ASA.


The test consists of 60 multiple choice questions and you will have 2.5 hours to complete the test. You will be required to score 70% to pass the test. Make a reservation online at https://faa.psiexams.com/faa/login for the Private Pilot Airplane test. The cost of the test is $160. We recommend taking the test as soon as possible after receiving the instructor endorsement.

Financing & Scholarship Options

Worried about how you are going to pay for flight training? Luckily there are several financing and scholarship options. Financing all or some of the training can take the burden off of the student, giving them peace of mind and the motivation they need to complete their training!

Gift Certificates Available

Know someone that has always wanted to fly, but hasn’t been able to get started? Gift certificates are a great way to help friends and family jump start achieving their aviation goals! They can be used for flight training, instruction, simulator time, books and headsets. Contact us above to find out more!

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