When it comes to selecting an airplane to fly for your training, there are numerous factors to consider, such as price, avionics, cockpit size, high wing vs. low wing, and yoke vs stick. The good news is the CRAFT aircraft fleet, consisting from legacy Cessna 172s to modern Diamond DA20, DA40, and DA42 aircraft, offers our members a wide range of options to fit your budget while providing opportunities to enhance your flight experience with access to modern avionics and airframes.

Our Cessna 172 aircraft are classic high-wing trainers, containing analog, “steam”-style instruments, and a control yoke. Some of our C172s have been updated with digital instruments and modern GPS receivers. If you have a larger-than-average body type, the C172 offers more overall cockpit space. It is also our least expensive training option, and is a great option for time-building for Commercial Pilot programs.

In contrast, if you’re looking for a more modern flight experience, then training in one of our Diamond aircraft is the perfect choice. Unlike the C172, which was originally designed in the 1950’s, our Diamond aircraft were produced in the 21st Century, utilizing computer-aided design to incorporate innovations resulting in the industry’s safest training aircraft. The Diamonds are low-wing aircraft constructed with lightweight, but immensely strong composite materials and feature an expansive canopy offering immersive visibility and center-stick controls. When combined with modern avionics, like the G500 or G1000 digital flight decks, our Diamond aircraft provide a superior flight training environment perfect to pilots seeking advanced ratings required for the airline industry, or expanding their ability to use personal aviation to augment their mobility needs to support their business or recreation activities. In particular, our DA40s meet the FAA’s Technologically Advanced Aircraft (TAA) requirement for the Commercial Pilot certification. For the ultimate experience, you can train in our top-of-the-line DA40 NG, featuring the ultra-modern Austro diesel engine and Garmin G1000 TXI glass panel flight deck.

The best thing about CRAFT’s fleet of Diamonds is the relative ease to transition between aircraft as you progress through your training. Because all Diamond aircraft share a similar airframe design, you’ll be comfortable moving from the DA20 after your Private Pilot certification to the DA40 for the Instrument rating and Commercial Pilot certification. The move from the single-engine DA40 to the multi-engine DA42 is even more seamless, as both aircraft share the G1000 digital flight deck, eliminating the need to learn a brand new cockpit. By training at CRAFT, you’ll have the ability to meet the requirements to get to the airlines at one location while minimizing the need to learn aircraft from several different manufacturers.

Still can’t decide what aircraft you want to fly? That’s ok – just make an appointment to come in for a training consultation and see the aircraft for yourself. We can also arrange for a Discovery Flight experience where you’ll be able to fly in one of your aircraft with a CRAFT flight instructor to help you decide.

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