Here at CRAFT, we strive to ensure we’re providing top-notch flight training for our pilots on the rise, this means combining our talent with other organizations that seek to reach the same goal. That being said, it is with great pleasure and excitement that we announce our partnership with International Aviation Services (IAS) in Miami. With this team-up, CRAFT is able to offer a combined Airline Transport Pilot – Certified Training Program (ATP-CTP) + ATP Checkride Prep course.
Established in 2006, IAS has fifteen years under its belt as one of the most efficient pilot training programs to date. All IAS trainers are either current or retired pilots with and have well over several thousand hours of combined experience. It’s this level of expertise that allows IAS to maintain a very versatile learning environment that accommodates different experience levels and learning settings. In addition to the highly experienced training team and well-tailored curriculum, IAS hosts excellent training equipment.

A330 photo by Julian Whitelaw

All of the simulators at IAS are Level D approved allowing for seamless and accurate simulations that prepare the pilot for any situation they may face without interruption from mechanical failure. IAS trains on Airbus and Boeing simulators which makes the IAS program the best choice for ATP-CTP.

For $10,995 this course includes the 7-day ATP-CTP course at IAS in Miami followed by CRAFT’s 3-day ATP Checkride Prep Course in Charleston, SC.  Take your written test there in Miami before traveling to Charleston for the 3-day ATP Checkride Prep course and your checkride. We’ll take care of scheduling both courses and the checkride for you.

You’ll complete the course in our state-of-the-art Diamond DA42 and our Redbird FMX Simulator. The checkride prep course includes 6 hours of training in the DA42. Transitioning from the Level D simulator at IAS to our Diamond DA42 and Redbird FMX means that trainees will receive the best hands-on experience with supreme machinery from start to finish.



  • 7-day ATP-CTP course through IAS
  • Complete the ground portion of the ATP-CTP course, 31 hours over a 4-Day Period, from the comfort of your home
  • CRAFT’s 3-day ATP Checkride Prep Course in Charleston, SC
  • Complete the course in our state-of-the-art Diamond DA42 and our Redbird FMX Simulator
Before the partnership with IAS, CRAFT offered an ATP wrap-up course, meaning that prerequisites were necessary to complete the curriculum with our program; by coming together with IAS, CRAFT will be able to offer the full course. This ensures a smoother learning process for trainees by giving them the opportunity to spend more of their learning experience with CRAFT.

All in all, this partnership means big things for everyone involved. Trainees get the privilege of honing their skills with two of the best training programs in the market. IAS’s Level D training curriculum and phenomenal track record of training coupled with CRAFT’s dedication and Diamond fleet makes for an environment that will produce the best pilots of tomorrow. We couldn’t be more excited for the success to come now that this partnership has taken off.

Prerequisites for the course include:

  • Meet the FAA requirements for ATP.
  • IFR Currency – If you’re not current, reach out to us about doing an Instrument Proficiency Check (IPC).
  • G1000 experience is preferred but not required – If you need G1000 familiarization, we can provide 1-2 hours in the Redbird.

Not included: Travel, lodging, renters insurance, written test fee, and DPE fee. DA42 hours required above the 6 included in the course will be billed at the hourly rate.

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