National Guard, Reserve, and Active Duty soldiers are eligible for funds to pay for flight training.

What is CAP?

The Army Credentialing Assistance Program allows eligible National Guard, Active Duty and Reserve soldiers to pursue voluntary credentials using Army CA funds. In an effort to contribute to its Soldiers’ professional development, the Army offers $4,000 for National Guard and Reserve and $1000 for Active Duty per year for off-duty, voluntary pursuit of credentials for Soldiers of all ranks (Enlisted, Non-Commissioned Officer, Officer, Warrant Officer).

To receive funds, Soldiers must pursue authorized credentials from an approved and vetted Vender. CRAFT (aka Chucktown Flight Training) has been vetted and approved to train Soldiers under this program.

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Eligible CRAFT Courses

Steps for Getting Approval for CAP with CRAFT

$4,000/yr (National Guard & Reserve) OR $1,000/yr (Active Duty)

Ready to get started? It’s easier than you think.

  1. Reach out to CRAFT for a quote of all training costs for your selected certificate or rating. You will submit this document during the CA application process.
  2. Create a student user account with ArmyIgnitED.com.
  3. From the Home Page, complete your Credential Path by following the steps provided.
  4. From the Profile Page, request Credentialing Assistance for your selected Credential Path.
  5. When you request CA, you are able to see approved Army CA vendors for flight training. Choose Chucktown Flight Training LLC.
  6. Select your intended started date and upload the quote from CRAFT.
The Department of Defense and the Department of the Army are neither affiliated with nor endorses this organization.

Ready to Get Started?

Financing & Scholarship Options

Worried about how you are going to pay for flight training? Luckily there are several financing and scholarship options. Financing all or some of the training can take the burden off of the student, giving them peace of mind and the motivation they need to complete their training!

Gift Certificates Available

Know someone that has always wanted to fly, but hasn’t been able to get started? Gift certificates are a great way to help friends and family jump start achieving their aviation goals! They can be used for flight training, instruction, simulator time, books and headsets. Contact us above to find out more!
CRAFT is located at the Atlantic FBO complex at Charleston International Airport (KCHS).

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Our office is open 9AM-5PM Mon-Sat for walk-in inquiries.  However, for the best customer service, please call or email to schedule an in-person appointment. 843-800-6498

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