Flying as a private pilot is great, but what if you want to get paid to do what you love?  CRAFT’s Accelerated Commercial Course is the quickest way to start being paid to fly as a commercial pilot!  Earn your Commercial Pilot certificate and open the door to opportunities to get paid to fly, from a Certified Flight Instructor (CFI) to a major airline pilot.

We provide structured, one-on-one training and focus on results, not an arbitrary completion time. You’ll have an experienced CFI with an exceptional pass rate dedicated exclusively to you.

CRAFT’s Accelerated Commercial Course is designed for pilots who are close to, or exceed the 250 hours of total flight time required to take the Commercial Pilot practical test.  If you’ve got the hours, but need the dedicated training to master the commercial maneuvers, including Chandelles, Lazy 8s, Eights-on-Pylons and Power-off 180 landings, you can achieve these at CRAFT in our Diamond DA20.  CRAFT can also provide the required training in a Technically Advanced Aircraft (TAA) using our Diamond DA40.


CRAFT 6-day ACCELERATED Commercial PILOT COURSE COST: $5,750 (DA20) or $6,100 (DA40) *


  • CFI Dedicated to you
  • Up to 12 hours of dual flight instruction in our Diamond DA20 or Diamond DA40 (TAA) *
  • Up to 5 hours in the Redbird Full-Motion Simulator
  • 6 hours of ground instruction
  • 2 hours of aircraft use for check-ride
  • Commercial PTS/ACS and the Commercial Oral Exam Guide

*This is the base package, if you need a few more hours of dual flight instruction, additional hours, including instructor, are billed at the normal hourly rate of $220 for the DA20 and $255 for the DA40.

optional package upgrades

  • Accelerated CFI Course – 10-12 days – $8750 


  • At least a 3rd class medical certificate to take check ride (must have 2nd class medical to exercise commercial privileges) 
  • Commercial Pilot aeronautical knowledge exam complete (bring in test results)
  • A minimum 240 hours total time
  • Must meet all other time requirements as defined in FAR 61.129.

If you don’t meet the requirements, we can build a tailor made package for you. FAA Part 61 requirements for Commercial Pilot are: 

  • Private Pilot with at least 250 hours of total flight time
  • 100 hours in powered aircraft
  • 100 hours of pilot in command (PIC) flight time
  • 50 hours of cross-country flight time*
  • 10 hours of instrument flight training
  • 10 hours of flight training in a complex airplane or a “technically advanced aircraft” such as our Diamond DA40.

Students who are interested but do not meet the above prerequisites should CONTACT CRAFT for tailored quote. 


  • FAA examiner cost varies by DPE, expect to spend about $600


Additional information

  • Affordable off campus housing is available within 5-10 minute drive from CRAFT. Ask us about our hotel discounts.
  • We offer additional options for Bring Your Own Plane (BYOP).
  • Discounts – Attend with your friends and save!

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