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Why Train With CRAFT?

Traditional flight training puts the student into the airplane for the first lesson. Unfortunately, the airplane is a terrible classroom for learning to fly.

Charleston Regional Accelerated Flight Training (CRAFT) changes the entire experience by first training you in our Redbird Full-Motion Flight Simulator so that you are more confident once you are in the airplane.

Integrating our flight simulator with your time in the airplane will save you both time and money! CRAFT combines traditional, foundational principles of flight training with modern Redbird technology and a modern fleet of aircraft, providing you with a state of the art experience. You will find that the transition to the airplane is virtually seamless – your time in the simulator will teach you where to put your eyes, hands, and feet.

Our Airplanes

CRAFT manages a fleet of well-maintained aircraft, including modern Diamond and classic Cessna aircraft.  We have more aircraft built in this century than any other flight school in South Carolina. We also have the only Jet-A burning aircraft in flight training in Charleston with the Diamond DA40 NG and the Diamond DA42-VI Twin engine. All of Diamond DA40’s and DA42 are equipped with Garmin G1000, so you can learn with leading edge, glass cockpit avionics. Or if you prefer standard steam-gauge, our Diamond DA20’s are an affordable modern private pilot trainer.

Our Flight Training

We offer a wide range of flight training:

We offer Accelerated courses for those that are short on time, as well as aircraft rentals.

DA20 Charleston

Our Flight Simulator

The Redbird FMX is a full motion, feature-rich, FAA-approved Advanced Aviation Training Device (AATD) with multiple airplane configurations including C172 analog and glass-cockpit G1000, DA40 G1000, SR22 G1000, PA-34 analog multi-engine,  and the brand new DA42 G1000 multi-engine configuration.

Standard features include wrap-around visuals, a fully enclosed cockpit, quick-change configurations, scenario-based training compatibility, and an electric motion platform, resulting in a level of realism that is simply unavailable in other training devices on the market.

Simply put, this is as close to real as it gets.

accelerated courses

We Are Teaming Up With Purdue Global University

We Are Teaming Up With Purdue Global University

A Perfect Pairing If you’ve been looking for the next steps to take on your aviation journey, look no further. CRAFT is proud to announce we’re teaming up with Purdue Global University to give our students and employees an even better learning experience than the one...



Our Unique Lineup It’s no secret that our Diamond aircraft are our pride and joy. What’s not to love about them? With some of the best technology working to make them fly seamlessly and all the modern safety updates from the last century, it’s no wonder students flock...

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